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Yacht Investment

Invest today-Enjoy tomorrow

Investing in the Yachting sector is a smart move that combines the delight of yacht vacation with the opportunity to earn a decent income.

Greece is a country with international attractiveness. Elements like the Mediterranean climate, the variety of sea environment, the countless islands, the sea that covers thousands of square kilometers, the high percentage of sunshine and the alternating scenery make her ideal for the growth of maritime tourism, especially for the services concerning yacht renting.

The Greek islands are globally considered as a safe destination for pleasant stay and amusement, offering at the same time a chance for business activity, particularly in the tourism field.

In addition, the country’s economic environment makes such an investment even more attractive as the beneficial tax rules exonerate these incomes both from the taxation and from the VAT concerning the yacht purchase.

More specifically, yacht investment gives you the opportunity to invest in a yacht which not only is a remarkable source of income but will also help you to discover the sea world while on vacation.

The Tethys Company offers you an innovative chance in the Yachting sector and can make your dreams come true!