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Yacht Charter in Greece

Comfort, luxury and unique experiences

...against the crystal waters of the Greek sea are just a glimpse of what awaits those who will trust their summer vacation in Tethys Yachting. With great value and commitment to the quality of her services, Tethys promises you unforgettable moments of relaxation and exploration on the Greek islands and offers you the chance to enjoy the Greek sun, to discover the dreamy Mediterranean beaches and of course to dive into the deep blue Ionian waters! Needless to say that all these will take place in the luxurious and comfortable scenery of a modern yacht that will be ready to fulfill all your desires.

Whether you are a skilled yacht operator and want to discover the Mediterranean beauties on your own, or you have no knowledge of yachts, Tethys is able to provide you everything you will ask for.

Live days of absolute freedom in the idyllic Greek environment while being safe and enjoying the amenities of a company whose vision is to offer you an unforgettable yacht experience in the so called Greek paradise!

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